Death – issuing a death certificate (original)

1. Identification data

2. Code

3. Naming of life situation
Death – issuing a death certificate (original)

4. Basic information on the life situation
The registry office in whose administrative district an individual died is an authority for registering death.
(An administrative district of the registry office of ÚMČ města Brna, Brno-střed (Brno City District Office, Brno-Centre) includes the following Brno City districts: Brno-střed (Brno‑Centre), Kohoutovice, Bohunice, Starý Lískovec, Nový Lískovec and Bosonohy).
An entry in the book of deaths is made on the basis of the inspection sheet of the deceased, which the registry office receives from the provider of medical services.

5. Persons authorized to act in this regard (to submit an application, etc.)
Survivor – a funeral organizer.

6. Conditions and procedures regarding this life situation
Upon the death of a person, the registry office will receive from the provider of medical services the “Inspection Sheet of the Deceased”, on the basis of which the registry office records the deceased person in the book of deaths and issues a death certificate. If the funeral service submits all the required documents for the issuance of the death certificate, the death certificate is sent to the address of the funeral organizer by registered mail into his/her own hands; otherwise it is necessary to make arrangements for issuing the death certificate personally at the Registry Department.

7. How to initiate addressing this life situation
By a personal visit to Odbor matrika (Registry Department), ÚMČ města Brna (Brno City District Office), Brno-střed (Brno-Centre).

8. Which institutions address this life situation
A respective registry office relevant to the location of the person’s death.

9. Where, with whom and when to address this life situation
By a personal visit to Odbor matrika (Registry Department), ÚMČ města Brna (Brno City District Office), Brno-střed (Brno-Centre), Dominikánská 2, NorthBuilding, ground floor. Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 8.00 a.m.–5.00 p.m.

10. Documents to bring with you
The following is necessary for the issuance of the death certificate:

  • the identity card of the deceased (for foreigners – a passport or a residence permit)
  • a birth certificate or – where applicable – a marriage certificate of the deceased
  • an invoice confirming the payment of the funeral

The above documents shall be submitted upon the personal takeover of the death certificate, unless the survivors provided them to the funeral service when organizing the funeral; the person arranging for the death certificate shall also produce a proof of identity (or an official register certificate showing the family relationship).

11. What forms you need and where you can get them
Not specified

12. Fees and how to pay them
Free of charge

13. Deadlines for processing
Within 30 days of receiving the inspection sheet of the deceased.

14. Other subjects concerned by this life situation

15. Other activities requested from the applicant

16. Electronic services that can be used
To obtain an overview of serving the clients and/or to book an appointment, you may use an automatic On-line booking system.

17. Applicable legislation in this respect

  • Act No. 301/2000 Coll. on registers, names and surnames and on amendments to some related acts, as amended
  • Decree No. 207/2001 Coll., which implements Act No. 301/2000 Coll. on registers, names and surnames and on amendments to some related acts, as amended

18. Related regulations

  • Act No. 500/2004 Coll., Administrative Procedure Code, as amended

19. Available remedies and how to apply them

20. Sanctions in the event of non-compliance

21. Frequently asked questions

22. Other information
A request for the so-called “funeral benefit” shall be filed by the funeral organizer at a contact point for providing social benefits according to his/her permanent residence.
A request for a widow’s/widower’s pension shall be filed by an authorized person (the surviving husband/wife) at the competent OSSZ (Social Security District Administration) or MSSZ (Social Security Municipal Administration) according to their permanent residence.
The family of the deceased is invited to the inheritance proceedings by the relevant authorized notary.

23. Other sources or forms informing about the described procedure (addressing the life situation)

24. Related life situations and instructions how to address them
Issuance of official register certificates – duplicates

25. Department responsible for the correctness of instructions
Odbor matrika (Registry Department), ÚMČ města Brna (Brno City District Office), Brno‑střed (Brno-Centre).

26. Contact persons
Marie Klimešová, registrar, tel.: +420 542 526 246
Alena Křížová, registrar, tel.: +420 542 526 244
Pavla Putnová, registrar, tel.: +420 542 526 245

27. The instructions are prepared according to the legal status as of
1 October 2007

28. Last update of the instructions

29. Instructions are valid until
No restriction

30. Any clarifications and/or comments to address the life situation